• blue moon illuminated phases

    Blue Moon -New Years Eve 2009 Animated Bar Light

    Blue Moon – New Years Eve 2009 Wall Light

    “Celebrate the Blue Moon” Circa – 2009 Diamond shaped wall bar light.

    Features moon with animated and illuminated phases. Great Shape! It works; it has been cleaned, tested. It is Blue with gold striping trim. It would great in any game room , bar, or man cave.

    Condition: Used - “Excellent Shape”

    Color: Blue with gold trim and gold lettering

    Measures: 21”W x 21”H x 8”D

    Weight: 8 lbs

    Note: Please call or email with any questions on this item or any other product you may have. We ship anywhere in USA.

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  • olympia gold mirror

    Vintage Olympia Gold Beer Mirror

    Olympia Gold Beer Mirror (Sold Here)

    This is an Olympia Gold Mirror that has little wear, mirror is in good condition. It has a medium color wood frame and gold trim. There are some small fine scratches in frame. This would look great in any man cave or entertainment room.

    Measures: 26 ½”W x 20 ½”H x 2”D

    Weight: 10 lbs ESTM

    Note. We ship anywhere in USA. Please call or email us for more information on this or any other item we have or waiting restoration items.

    Regular Price: $49.95

    Special Price: $29.95

  • Texaco- Ski Chief tin sign

    Texaco- Ski Chief tin sign

    Texaco Ski Chief quality reproduction nostalgic tin signs.

  • Why Should I have to Press 1 for English??

    Why Should I have to Press 1 for English??

    Why Should I have to Press 1 for English? --- Embossed aluminum Metal Sign

  • Stock Photo used

    Rock Ola Model 418S Rhapsody ll jukebox - circa 1964 Waiting Restoration

    Rock–Ola Model 418S Rhapsody ll Jukebox (awaiting restoration) Circa 1964

    This jukebox special high tone speakers were used for the first time. Great bass sound! The Mechanism, Amplifier Receiver, and Keyboard will be restored. All tubes in Amplifier will be tested and replaced if needed. It will be totally cleaned to remove dirt, nicotine and all parts polished. Call and let us get started on this jukebox for you. Chrome is AS IS or replated at additional cost.

    Bus: 1-800-327-5853

    Email: Terry - terry@classicjukeboxandgameco.com

    Rhonda - mrsjuke59@gmail.com or classicjukebox@outlook.com

    Optional: Re-Plating of the Chrome is at additional cost. ( Please call for Quote)

    Specification: 160 play deluxe stereo/ monaural phonograph. 45 rpm. Records – SOLD SEPARATELY

    Measures: 60”H x 32”W x 25.5”D

    Weight: 340 lbs (Does not include Crate or shipping materials)

    Will be set on “FREE PLAY”

    Note: Please call or email with any questions concerning this jukebox or any other products we may have. Home Delivery and set up is available within certain areas through-out Colorado for a fee. Shipping is also available anywhere in USA. Please call for quote!

  • back view swami cig dispenser

    Vintage Swami Face Cigarette tobacco Dispenser includes Vintage Tobacco Boxes

    Vintage Swami Face Figure Cigarette Dispenser – PAIPEND (Includes 3 Vintage Box of Tobacco)
    Original – “BULL DURHAM “* Perfect Pipe Mix – Seasons Greeting Christmas box set
    * Duke’s Smoking Mixture * circa – 1900s – 1950s

    This is a 1920s Swami Face Face Cigarette Dispenser all original. It is made of wood and the swami is wearing a red turban. It has a push down plunger in front and when tobacco is put inside the rolled cigarette comes out of his mouth. It is being sold “AS IS” All parts are in working condition and in “Great Shape for as old as it is.
    Measures: 6 ½”H x 7 ½”W wt: 3 lbs
    We are also including (3) Vintage boxes of Tobacco from:

    Original Vintage Box of “BULL” Durham Tobacco that has (5) unopened 5.8 oz Drawstring cloth pouches of tobacco sealed and original rolling papers still attached. Est Date: 1900 – 1950s The original box is missing the top but in Great Shape.
    Measures- 7 ½ ”H x 4 ½”W x 4 ½”D wt: 1 lb

    Original Vintage Seasons Greeting Christmas Box Set that has (6) boxes of about 1/3 tobacco still in
    The cigarette boxes inside. That read Perfect Pipe smoking tobacco. Box Says Seasons Greetings
    John Weisert Tobacco Co in Saint Louis MO.
    Measures – 5”H x 6”W x 3 ½”D wt: 1 lb

    Original Duke’s Smoking Mixture box and includes (18) drawstring cloth pouches of tobacco and unopened rolling papers included. By the Liggett and Myers Incorporated in Bellville IL
    Circa – est 1910 – 1950s bags measure 3x 2.1 x 1 Never been used. The original box top has fell apart but we have and box is in Great Shape.
    Measures: 6 ½”H x 5 ¼”W x 4 ¼”D wt: 1 ½ lbs

    Note: Items are sold “AS IS” We ship anywhere in USA! Please call for more information on this or any other items we may have waiting restoration or have available. Estimate shipping with packing 8 lbs.
  • Coca Cola - 1916 Ice Cold

    Coca Cola - 1916 Ice Cold

    Coca Cola - 1916 Ice Cold tin sign.

  • Roy Orbison - Rare Vintage Autographed Movie Poster

    Roy Orbison - Rare Vintage Autographed Movie Poster

    Roy Orbison - Rare Autographed Western Movie Poster "The Fastest Guitarist Alive"

    This is a Rare (1967) Autographed Framed Movie poster "The Fastest Guitarist Alive" Starring Roy Orbison in his first and only Western movie.

    Theme: Western, Mr. Orbison plays confederate super-spy with a secret gun shooting guitar.

    Roy Orbison's signature is signed down in bottom left side of poster as Mr. Orbison did not want to write across any of the graphic or details of the poster.

    The Poster is glass white wood frame and In Excellent Condition!

    Specs: 27"W x 41"H x 1 1/2"D ( Framed)

    Note: Home Delivery is available for an additional fee and Shipping is also available. Please insure when shipping!!

    Prices are subject to change without notice.

    Call or email for more details or questions you may have concerning any of our products. www.classicjukeboxandgameco.com

    Terry -mrjuke@msn.com

    Rhonda- mrsjuke@outlook.com

  • Rock-Ola CD-8 Bubbler Jukebox (Oak)

    Rock-Ola CD-8 Bubbler Jukebox (Oak)

    MSRP: $7.995.00 OUR PRICE: $7.495.00  ( Special Order)

     ROCK-OLA Bubbler CD-8 Jukebox IT’S THE 50’s All Over Again

    The most popular jukebox of all times has been meticulous reproduced n the Rock-Ola’s Series V Bubbler. The bubbles of air perk merrily to the top of the 8 bubble tubes, while a Kaleidoscope of colors flows through the translucent plastics. It’s a 50’s all over again when changer flips the CD right down in front of you. All 17 trim pieces are genuine die cast metal, triple plated with copper, nickel, and polished chrome. Available in: Walnut, Oak, and Black.

    New Feature – Series VII have replaced all of the fluorescent bulbs with new LED lamps on ALL of the CD jukeboxes. The new LED will last 13.5 years longer and be more efficient. The new Series II will also feature a new thinner and powerful amplifier. The CD Magnet holder will also be changed and shaped in the form of a guitar with Rock-Ola script. Production has already begun as of Aug 2015

    Note: Please call or email for more information on this item. Home Delivery is available for a fee and Drop Shipment is also available for a fee!

     ( Prices Are Subject To Change Without Notice)!

    Terry: mrjuke@msn.com   46+ years Experience  ( Rock-Ola Authorized Dealer)   www.classicjukeboxandgameco.com

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