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  • back view swami cig dispenser

    Vintage Swami Face Cigarette tobacco Dispenser includes Vintage Tobacco Boxes

    Vintage Swami Face Figure Cigarette Dispenser – PAIPEND (Includes 3 Vintage Box of Tobacco) Original – “BULL DURHAM “* Perfect Pipe Mix – Seasons Greeting Christmas box set * Duke’s Smoking Mixture * circa – 1900s – 1950s

    This is a 1920s Swami Face Face Cigarette Dispenser all original. It is made of wood and the swami is wearing a red turban. It has a push down plunger in front and when tobacco is put inside the rolled cigarette comes out of his mouth. It is being sold “AS IS” All parts are in working condition and in “Great Shape for as old as it is.

    Measures: 6 ½”H x 7 ½”W wt: 3 lbs We are also including (3) Vintage boxes of Tobacco from: Original Vintage Box of “BULL” Durham Tobacco that has (5) unopened 5.8 oz Drawstring cloth pouches of tobacco sealed and original rolling papers still attached. Est Date: 1900 – 1950s The original box is missing the top but in Great Shape. Measures- 7 ½ ”H x 4 ½”W x 4 ½”D wt: 1 lb Original Vintage Seasons Greeting Christmas Box Set that has (6) boxes of about 1/3 tobacco still in The cigarette boxes inside. That read Perfect Pipe smoking tobacco. Box Says Seasons Greetings John Weisert Tobacco Co in Saint Louis MO.

    Measures – 5”H x 6”W x 3 ½”D wt: 1 lb Original Duke’s Smoking Mixture box and includes (18) drawstring cloth pouches of tobacco and unopened rolling papers included. By the Liggett and Myers Incorporated in Bellville IL Circa – est 1910 – 1950s bags measure 3x 2.1 x 1 Never been used. The original box top has fell apart but we have and box is in Great Shape. Measures: 6 ½”H x 5 ¼”W x 4 ¼”D wt: 1 ½ lbs Note: Items are sold “AS IS” We ship anywhere in USA! Please call for more information on this or any other items we may have waiting restoration or have available. Estimate shipping with packing 8 lbs.

    Email: Terry - or

    Rhonda -

  • TEXACO gas hatful of pep tin sign

    TEXACO gas hatful of pep tin sign

    Quality reproduction nostalgic tin signs.
  • COCA COLA- Yes White Suit tin sign

    COCA COLA- Yes White Suit tin sign

    COCA COLA- Yes White Suit quality reproduction nostalgic tin signs.

  • Legend- American Dream

    Legend- American Dream

    Legend- American Dream hot rod garage tin sign.

  • 3w1 right side view

    Seeburg 3W1 100 Wall-O- Matic Vintage 1948 Refurbished


    Seeburg 3W1 100 Wall-O-Matic Vintage- Circa 1948

    The Seeburg -100 Wall-O-Matic (Model # 3W1) were once used in Diners through-out the county and if you are Lucky you can still find a few diners using them. This little beauty has been Cleaned, Nicotine removed, Polished and Shopped. It is in working condition. The Chrome casing is in “Great ” shape for a 71 year old Wall box. Please call or email for more information or this or any other items we have in waiting.

    Email: Terry - or

    Rhonda -

    We all so have numerous Jukeboxes for Sale as well!  *M100A  *M100B *M100BL* M100-C *M100G* M100W* M100R We also have other Wall boxes available. Along with other Jukeboxes and wallboxes.

  • Coca Cola - Always 5 cents

    Coca Cola - Always 5 cents

    Cola Cola - Always 5 cents tin sign.

  • Roy Orbison - Rare Vintage Autographed Movie Poster

    Roy Orbison - Rare Vintage Autographed Movie Poster

    Roy Orbison - Rare Autographed Western Movie Poster "The Fastest Guitarist Alive"

    This is a Rare (1967) Autographed Framed Movie poster "The Fastest Guitarist Alive" Starring Roy Orbison in his first and only Western movie.

    Theme: Western, Mr. Orbison plays confederate super-spy with a secret gun shooting guitar.

    Roy Orbison's signature is signed down in bottom left side of poster as Mr. Orbison did not want to write across any of the graphic or details of the poster.

    The Poster is glass white wood frame and In Excellent Condition!

    Specs: 27"W x 41"H x 1 1/2"D ( Framed)

    Note: Home Delivery is available for an additional fee and Shipping is also available. Please insure when shipping!!

    Prices are subject to change without notice.

    Call or email for more details or questions you may have concerning any of our products.



  • Seeburg - 3W 200 Selection Wall Box c. 1955

    Seeburg - 3W 200 Selection Wall Box c. 1955

    This Seeburg Model V-3WA-200 wall box were often located on table tops or mounted on wall next to each table in Old Time Diners. 3-Wire, 200 selections Wall Box.

    Measures: 14 ½ “H x 12 ½ “W x 7”D

    Weight: 31.90 lbs S/H is est around 45 lbs

    Please call or email with any questions on this wall box or any other wall boxes we may have available. We also have jukeboxes that are available as well. We ship anywhere in the USA. For re-plating please call for a quote.

  • Live 2 Ride Neon Clock

    Live to Ride Neon Clock

    New Live 2 Ride Motorcycle Neon Clock


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